Hội thảo"The 21st international conference on neural information processing (ICONIP 2014) November 3 - 6, 2014, Kuching, Malaysia"

Hội thảo quốc tế "The 21st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING (ICONIP 2014) November 3 - 6, 2014, Kuching, MALAYSIA" Thời gian: từ ngày 03 đến ngày 06 tháng 11 năm 2014. Địa điểm: Kuching, MALAYSIA. Hạn nộp bài: 30/05/2014. Mọi thông tin chi tiết vầ Hội thảo Quý Thầy/ Cô vui lòng xem thông tin bên dưới hoặc tham khảo trang web: http://www.iconip2014.org hoặc http://www.csmining.org/cdmc2014/ ================================================================================ We apologize if you receive multiple copies of this message. Please disseminate this CFP to your colleague & contact. ================================================================================ The 21st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING (ICONIP 2014) November 3 - 6, 2014, Kuching, MALAYSIA Official conference site: http://www.iconip2014.org Pre-Conference Workshop site: http://www.csmining.org/cdmc2014/ ORGANIZED BY: TECHNICAL SUPPORTER: SUPPORTED BY: University of Malaya FSKTM Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA) International Neural Network Society Japanese Neural Network Society IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau Sarawak Convention Bureau Universiti Malaysia Sarawarak (UNIMAS) IMPORTANT DATES Submission deadline for Special Session/Workshop proposals 18 April 14 Notification of acceptance (Special Session/Workshop proposals) 25 April 14 Submission deadline for regular and Special Session papers 30 May 14 Notification of acceptance 3 August 2014 10 August 2014 10 August 2014 Camera-ready final paper submission 3 - 6 November 2014 31 October 2014 Early registration Conference Pre-Conference Workshop (Kuala Lumpur) Welcome to the land of the hornbills! Sarawak is located on the island of Borneo, the third largest island in the world, north of the Equator. With its beautiful blue skies and tropical breezes you can bathe in the sandy beaches and palm-fringed state of Sarawak. With a pleasant tropical rainforest climate, Kuching the capital of the state of Sarawak, is Borneo's most stylish and sophisticated city. Its many museums and impressive planetarium will enthral even the tiniest travellers. Visitors can also grab a snack from the many stalls on the bustling waterfront, or visit the absolutely massive Kubah Ria market, which is an electric experience for shoppers, vendors, and observers. Within Kuching itself, the bustling streets – some very modern, others with a colonial vibe – amply reward visitors with a penchant for aimless ambling. Click here for video link: (http://youtu.be/6YZFHF8q4cQ) Download Apps on your gadgets and start navigating and exploring what, where, when and how you can get around the country and enjoy the endless wonders, from food, festival, events to shopping and many more. [http://www.vmy2014.com/plan-your-trip/travel-kit/phone-and-tablet-apps] The 21st International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP 2014), an annual conference of the Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA) will be held in the beautiful city of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia from 3 - 6 November 2014. ICONIP 2014 will provide a high-level international forum for scientists, engineers, educators, and students to address new challenges, share solutions, and discuss future research directions in neural information processing and real-world applications. The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, * Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Stability and convergence analysis, statistical learning algorithms, neural network models, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, kernel methods, graphical models, dimensionality reduction and manifold learning, statistical and information-theoretic methods, generalization, regularization and model selection, Gaussian processes and mixture models, matrix/tensor analysis, statistical physics of learning, and evolutionary algorithms. * Learning Theory, Algorithms, and Architectures Theoretical and experimental studies of processing and transmission of information in biological neurons and networks, spiking neurons, visual and auditory cortex, neural encoding and decoding, plasticity and adaptation, brain imaging, neuroimaging, brain mapping, and brain segmentation. * Computational Neuroscience and Brain Imaging Theoretical, computational, or experimental studies of perception, psychophysics, learning and memory, inference and reasoning, problem solving, natural language processing, and neuropsychology. * Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing Biological and machine vision, image processing and coding, visual perception and modeling, visual selective attention, visual coding and representation, object detection and recognition, motion detection and tracking, natural scene analysis, image processing, auditory perception and modelling, source separation, speech recognition and speech synthesis, speaker identification, and audio & speech retrieval. * Control, Robotics, and Hardware Technologies Decision and control, exploration, planning, navigation, Markov decision processes, game playing, multi-agent coordination, neuro-fuzzy system, cognitive robotics, developmental robotics, analog and digital VLSI, neuromorphic engineering, computational sensors and actuators, microrobotics, bioMEMS, neural prostheses, photonics, and molecular & quantum computing. * Novel Approaches and Applications Innovative applications that use machine learning, including systems for time series prediction, bioinformatics, systems biology, text/web analysis, multimedia processing, adaptive intelligent systems, brain-computer interfaces, granular computing, hybrid intelligent systems, neuroinformatics and neuroengineering, bioinformatics, information retrieval, data mining, and knowledge discovery. KEYNOTE/PLENARY/INVITED SPEAKERS Keynote Speaker: • Prof. Dr. Shun-ichi Amari Plenary Speakers: • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber • Prof. Dr. Jacek Zurada Invited Speakers: • Prof. Dr. Tan Kay Chen • Prof. Dr. Liu Derong • Prof. Dr. Zhi-Hua Zhou • Prof. Dr. Jun Wang • Prof. Dr. Akira Hirose • Prof. Dr. Soo-Young Lee • Prof. Dr. Nikholas Kasabov SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Authors are invited to submit full-length papers (8 pages maximum) by the submission deadline through the online submission system. The submission of a paper implies that the paper is original and has not been submitted under review or copyright-protected elsewhere and will be presented by an author if accepted. All submitted papers will be refereed by experts in the field based on the criteria of originality, significance, quality, and clarity. The authors of accepted papers will have an opportunity to revise their papers and take consideration of the referees' comments and suggestions. The proceedings of ICONIP 2014 will be published by Springer in its series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Authors of selected papers will be invited to extend their work and to submit their manuscript for review and possible publication in any of the following journals/book volume: 1. Neurocomputing 2. Neural Computing and Applications (by Springer) 3. Neural Processing Letters 4. International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data Paradigms (IJKESDP) 5. International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 6. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies 7. International Journal on Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT) 8. Numerical Algebra, Control, and Optimization 9. Advances in Neural Network Optimisation and Simulations (book volume in "Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics" by Springer) All enquiries should be directed to: ICONIP 2014 Secretariat Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology University of Malaya 50603 Lembah Pantai Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA Email : enquiries@iconip2014.org ================================================================================